Top 10 Reasons to Join the Band

10. MUSICALITY:  Earn academic credit for doing something you love!

9.  MENTORSHIP:  Have an upperclassman mentor as a resource for questions about Stony Brook and the marching band!

8.  OPPORTUNITY:  Unique "all expenses paid" travel opportunities to NCAA tournaments, away games and more!

7.  MERCHANDISE:  FREE Stony Brook gear and other awesome stuff!

6.  CONVENIENCE:  Move onto campus early for Band Camp – pick your side of the room first!

5.  COMMUNITY:  Make 100+ friends before your roommate even arrives!

4.  CONNECTIVITY:  Immediate connections with prominent faculty, staff and coaches!

3.  PRIORITY:  Priority registration for Spring classes; make your schedule before other freshmen!

2.  EXCLUSIVITY:  Access to our exclusive band facility—the “Band Space”—where you can store your instrument and hang out in the lounge!

1.  UNITY:  Become the Spirit of Stony Brook!”