Leadership Spotlight

The President (2014) - Jaclyn Lattanza Lattanza
Becoming a member of the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band and joining the Stony Brook Athletic Bands family was without a doubt the best decision I made at Stony Brook.  
The personal and professional opportunities that have been offered to me during my time as a band member have allowed me to develop into a more focused and independent individual. Holding several positions such as Marketing Coordinator, Section Leader, Vice President, President and now Past President have allowed me to give back to the program, work with the leadership team and mentor others. I have also become a better musician and have made lifelong friendships and professional connections. 
The Stony Brook Athletic Bands Program is so special because it is made up of students, faculty and staff members who genuinely care about spreading school spirit around campus and at athletic events through music and cheers. A lot of hard work and discipline go into perfecting musical sequences and marching sets but our field performances show that every rehearsal in the heat and the cold is worth it. After finishing a season with three halftime shows, the bar is set high for next year.  
I am so excited to see what this program will accomplish in the future and I am proud to say that I was a part of its growth. 


Jenna MorlockThe New Member Representative (2014-2015) - Jenna Morlock

During my first year at Stony Brook, I foolishly did not join the Alto Saxophone section of the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band. But after a year of hearing so many positives about the band, I made the amazing decision to join.

I have made so many amazing friendships and have grown as both a musician and as a person. I now confidently wear my band tees, never forget Red Friday, and look forward to a class that is both fun and rewarding. Whether it is a smile and wave while walking around campus, marching in the NYC Columbus Day Parade, or even an email from Mrs. Stahl complimenting the band on a great rehearsal, I have enjoyed every minute.

Due to this positive experience thus far, I am so excited and honored to serve as the New Band Member Representative. As a grateful member of the SOSB, I am so happy to be able to give back to my fellow band members and strive to bring this positive Seawolf experience to others.



sean hoffman

The President (2011) - Sean Hoffman

Within a few short years, the Spirit of Stony Brook has established itself as a force on campus. While it is most known for the energy it brings to the school, the organization continues to foster leaders through the promotion of student involvement and personal development.  

This process begins with a professional staff intent on seeing the members of the Spirit of Stony Brook succeed not only as Band members, but as students and as individuals. Members are empowered to share ideas, take risks, ask questions, and accept new levels of responsibility during their tenure with the Band.

Extremely important to the emergence of student leaders is the nurturing and family oriented environment surrounding the Band. Within this environment, students can be free to step out of their comfort zone and take risks, knowing that they will have the full support and guidance of their mentors and peers.

Although everyone must move on to another chapter of their lives, the Spirit will always be with them. My time spent with the Band has taught me lessons of perseverance, dedication, integrity, friendship, and family. But most importantly, it has taught me that in order to succeed in life, you must not be afraid to fail. By providing me with opportunities to take risks and learn from them, the Spirit of Stony Brook has allowed me to grow as a
leader and as an individual, and has instilled a Spirit in me that I will carry for the rest of my life.



gaitaThe President (2010) - Anthony Gaita 

Over my past four years at Stony Brook I have attained not only a love for the university but a new found family as well.  My fellow band members are my brothers and sisters 

I have been blessed to see this family grow from the very first 20 to now 140.  Our current success could not have been accomplished without the vision of John Leddy and the band staff. They have demonstrated qualities of leadership, loyalty and dedication that I hope to carry throughout the rest of my life.  Rapping up my senior year, I have come to realize that, if you don’t take the time to cherish who and what’s around you it will be gone in the blink of an eye.  My fellow Seawolves, carry on the dream that our 20 founding members set forth and always remember, YOU are THE SPIRIT OF STONY BROOK and I know that I can count on them for anything.  I know that I can always turn to them for support. The most important ingredient for a successful collegiate career is friendship. Exams come and go, but friendships last a lifetime.




The Drum Major (2008-2010) - Geoffrey Bansen

Geoffrey Bansen - Drum Major

What a great marching band season it has been thus far, filled with fantastic events. When I think about this season and how far we are coming along, the thing that sticks out in my mind the most is the importance of leadership.

Our leadership students, combined with the rest of our tremendous band students and our hard-working band staff, will continue to make the 2008 marching band season a great and memorable one!Going back to my freshman year where regular band members almost equaled the number of leadership students, it is such a great thing to have such an amazing core of leaders, especially now that our band has emerged past the 100 mark! I can tell you right now that without the great leaders that we have in our band, we would certainly not be as well off as we are. Our section leaders and band staff have helped us to progress as a marching band, giving our newer students any guidance that they may need.