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Let's Talk 

Let's Talk is a chance for students to drop by for brief conversations with a counselor in their communities. Students can stop by and say hello, pick up some giveaways, or stick around to discuss anything bothering them. The counselors are caring, unbiased and trustworthy professionals, who can suggest resources for further support, if necessary.

This page will be updated with a schedule of where Let's Talk will be throughout the semester. To schedule a Let's Talk event, feel free to contact us.  

See our calendar for other upcoming events! 

Planning Programs with CAPS

CAPS loves to work with students, Campus Residences and departments on programs and presentations about mental health. If you are interested in developing a program, check out this program planning overview. Feel free to contact Ariana Rebesco, the Coordinator of Outreach, at (631) 632-6720 or with any questions.

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