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Elective Clinical & Training Activities

CAPS offers additional apprenticeships, which are supervised by licensed senior staff members, in the following specific areas:  

BAC/MA Apprenticeship

The goal of the BAC (Behavioral Assessment Committee)/ MA (Mandated Assessment) apprenticeship is to introduce interns to current legal, ethical and clinical complexities regarding the response of the campus to students who exhibit behavior that is harmful to self (e.g., recent suicide threat or attempt, or serious self-injurious behavior) or other, or is significantly disruptive, and which has been reported to the university via source outside of CAPS, including residence halls, campus police, faculty, staff or other students.  Interns are invited to observe the university’s BAC, a multidisciplinary group with members from University Community Standards, Disability Support Services, Campus Police, Residence Life Staff, and Campus Advising, which has the objective of familiarizing the intern with the campus' multidisciplinary response to students who exhibit dangerous or disruptive behavior. Interns conduct mandated assessments following familiarization with the process, including observation of senior staff. Through this process, interns are given the opportunity to develop their clinical interview skills and to participate in the development of a management/intervention plan for at-risk students.  Interns are provided training that reflects developing national standards in threat assessment as well as empirically-supported approaches to suicide risk assessment. 

MM Apprenticeship 

The goal of the Mindfulness Meditation apprenticeship is to familiarize interns with the benefits of the application of mindfulness meditation to a college student population, with introduction to empirical support for the practice. In Fall, interns function as a participant observer in 3 or more 1-session MM “Drop-In” groups; function as a participant observer in either the MBCT or MSC group, with senior staff leaders; and will participate in 2 or more MM campus community outreach programs with a senior staff member.  In Spring, interns will lead 3 MM “Drop-In” groups, will co-lead either MBCT or MSC with senior staff member/s, and will participate in 2 or more MM Campus Community Outreach Programs with/without a senior staff member, post-doc fellow, intern, or practicum student. 

Outreach Apprenticeship

The goal of the outreach apprenticeship is to introduce interns to the range of outreach initiatives at the university and to expand the intern’s awareness of the multilayered approaches to assisting students on campus through prevention efforts that work in conjunction with intervention efforts at CAPS.  There are a number of outreach opportunities with which interns can become involved, including depression screenings, peer ed programs, activities aimed at increasing awareness of sexual violence/assault and domestic violence/intimate partner abuse, trainings aimed at increasing awareness of AOD issues, developing initiatives for underrepresented populations, and becoming involved in liaisonships with campus residences.  In this apprenticeship, interns would be afforded some flexibility to identify an outreach activity that is of particular interest to them. 

 Interns with interest in the areas of sexual violence prevention and response or AOD prevention and response may elect to pursue a more specialized experience with additional supervision during the Spring semester.



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