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Stony Brook Green Dot

What is Green Dot?

  • Green Dot is a strategy for preventing forms of power-based personal violence, such as rape and sexual assault, relationship violence, harassment, and stalking.
  • Green Dot participants learn how to recognize risky or potentially violent situations and practice skills and strategies for intervening to prevent or address what's happening.



Fall Training Dates 

Thursday 9/7 12pm-4pm                                                                   Monday 11/6 6pm-10pm
SAC Ballroom B                                                                                    SAC Ballroom B
Monday 9/25 10am-2pm                                                                    Tuesday 11/21 12pm-4pm
SAC Ballroom B                                                                                     SAC Ballroom B
Wednesday 10/11 4pm-8pm                                                              Friday 12/8 9am-1pm
SAC Ballroom B                                                                                      SAC Ballroom B
Thursday 10/26 2pm-6pm
SAC Ballroom B                                                                                       


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"No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something."

- Dorothy Edwards, creator and founder of Green Dot.

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