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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a complainant?
 A complainant is any student, staff or faculty member who has experienced sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking and is interested in reporting the violence. 
If I do not want to report the incident, can I still meet with the Complainant Navigator?
Yes, you can meet with the Complainant Navigator to discuss supportive resources available both on and off campus.
If I speak to the Complainant Navigator does that mean I have made a report to the school?
No, meeting with the Complainant Navigator does not mean you have made a report with the school.  During your meeting with the Complainant Navigator you will learn of your reporting options but will never be forced to make a report unless you want to.
Can I meet with the Complainant Navigator more than once?
Yes, you can meet with the Complainant Navigator as many times as you feel is needed.  The Complainant Navigator is not able to provide therapeutic services but will refer you to on and off campus counseling centers.
Is there someone who can go with me when I go to make a report?
The Complainant Navigator is available to go with you to make a report to UPD, Office of University Community Standards and/or the Title IX Coordinator.  The Complainant Navigator can also accompany you to UPD interviews, meetings with the Title IX Coordinator, institutional review hearings and assist you with obtaining medical care.
How do I contact SBU’s Complainant Navigator?
Samantha Winter, Complainant Navigator can be reached at (631) 457-9981.
Does the Complainant Navigator provide trainings?
Yes, the Complainant Navigator can provide education surrounding these issues as well as her role on campus.  If you are interested in having the Complainant Navigator provide a training for your class, club or any other group please email to discuss availability.
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