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Commuter Assistant (CA) Program

The Commuter Assistant Program pairs incoming commuter students with "seasoned" student leaders who volunteer their time to provide support, advice, and camaraderie during the new students' first year.

Commuter Assistants (CAs) work hard to ensure that new commuter students adjust to life at Stony Brook University and have positive and constructive college experiences. 

 What Can a New Student Expect?
  • Ideas and insight on how to adjust to a new, larger, more complex environment
  • Advice and tips on "commuter success" issues such as parking, registration, where to eat, how and where to meet other students
  • Knowledge of campus opportunities and University resources
  • Increased awareness of student life, clubs, organizations and activities
  • Introduction to faculty, staff, and peers
  • Opportunity to build friends and extend support systems
  • Support and guidance from the Office of Commuter Student Services
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Meet the Commuter Assistants
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