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Non-Traditional Student Week

National Non-Traditional Student Week takes place the first week of November each year. To celebrate Stony Brook University's adult learners, the Office of Commuter Student Services holds our Lunch on Us event, and actively promotes our Driving Force efforts (see below). In addition to this week in November, Stony Brook also recognizes adult learners again in the spring semester, typically in early April. Please check back for specific dates. 

During Non-Traditional Student Week, our partners in the Faculty Student Association and Campus Dining often offer discounts and/or coupons to celebrate the occasion. Our office also conducts contests during this week for great prizes!


Who is Your Driving Force?

We know that as a commuter student you have a number of responsibilities and obligations both on and off campus. As an adult learner, we realize that this likely to not only be true, but also an understatement! 

We’d like to help you recognize the person(s) - (limit of 2) - that is the greatest supporting force behind your scholastic and personal successes! 

Click here for our Driving Force "Certificate of Appreciation" request form. The Office of Commuter Student Services will send a Certificate of Appreciation, on your behalf!


Returning to College as an Adult Learner/Non-Traditional Student 

Non-traditional students have their own unique set of skills and experiences that they bring to the table when returning to school. With that, we also recognize that adult learners also may have some unique needs and concerns that need to be addressed as they start here at Stony Brook.

The Office of Orientation and Family Programming and the Office of Commuter Student Services and Off-Campus Living have worked together to develop a comprehensive Orientation session, during Part II of Orientation. This session approaches topics from the point of view of a returning student, while also incorporating the required content that all new students must fulfill.

This session is "invite-only", however, if a student self-identifies as a non-traditional student/adult learner, they may be able to register, as well. Incoming undergraduates over the age of 24, as well as veterans, are directly invited to attend during their Orientation process.









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