What is the SFS Retreat?

retreat photoThe Planning Committee for the 2011-2012 Student-Faculty-Staff (SFS) Retreat is accepting applications from Stony Brook University students who would like to be considered for participation in this year's event. The SFS Retreat will begin when buses leave campus at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3, 2012, and will end later that night at 8:30 p.m.

This one-da yoff-campus retreat will be held at the Port Jefferson Community Center. In this, its twenty-sixth year, the retreat brings together a diverse mix of nerly 100 Stony Brook students, faculty, staff and administrators who will focus their attention on our theme:

Building a supportive and caring campus community

What is the SFS Retreat?

The SFS Retreat is an annual Stony Brook tradition where select students, professors and administrators are invited to participate together as a "think tank" to better understand and continue to improve our community. A theme is chosen each year as an area of focused thought and attention. One of the mose important tenets of the retreat is the sense of community and belonging that results from the retreat activities.  Because space is limited for all parties, it is considered an honor to attend.

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The specific benefits of attending are:

  • Being a part of dialogue to help improve the campus, the campus climate and the student experience
  • Spending a day off-campus with respected scholars and educators to jointly develop recommendations for the enrichment of the university
  • Helping faculty and administrators understand the Stony Brook experience from students' points of view.
  • It’s a lot of fun, free and the food is great!

How do I apply?

The Planning Committee for the 2011-2012 Student-Faculty-Staff (SFS) Retreat welcomes applications from students who are active in campus life, would like to become more involved, and those who think they can add value to the important theme of this year's retreat. Students from all class years and major areas of study are invited to apply. The application process is competitive, so please make sure to submit your materials in a careful and timely manner.

To apply to the 2012 SFS Retreat, please click on the link below.

Student-Faculty-Staff (SFS) Retreat Student Application

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Please note that on the last page of the application, you will be asked to upload your one-page, double-spaced response to one of the following three questions. Please write your response ahead of time and copy and paste it into the application before submitting. Only applications with essay response will be considered complete. 

Please note that even if you are not selected to participate in this year’s SFS retreat, the ideas and input from your essay will still be drawn upon to help contribute to the planning, conversation and final recommendations.

Essay Background

The Stony Brook Community Pledge was launched in February 2011 as a way to bring life to and provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to commit themselves to the ideals of the university’s Statement of Community. Both the Statement of Community and the Community Pledge reflect Stony Brook’s value of each individual and the principles of community.

Many subsequent programs and efforts have followed the launch of the Community Pledge as ways to bring the pledge to life and help create a more caring community. Examples include Community Week held this fall, 29 Days of Giving hosted by the Community Service club and the Community of Awesome  blog which provides a way to tell the stories of many of the great things that happen each day.

Essay Question
Please discuss what you think a caring, supportive campus community looks and feels like. In your discussion, please address: 1) what role can and should a university play in shaping a caring campus climate? 2) Areas that may need attention to help achieve this. 3) What are some ways that students, faculty and staff can each further help bring to life the principles of the Statement of Community and The Community Pledge?

Applications can only be submitted online and all submissions must be received
by 5 p.m. on December 23, 2011.