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Disability Support Services

Registering for Services

Services are provided to all eligible Stony Brook students covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAA). Documentation will be requested to verify a disability and to determine appropriate accommodations. Services can only be initiated when students self-disclose their disabilities and request some type of assistance.

All information and documentation related to a disability is confidential, not part of the academic transcript and is not released without the student's written consent.

Initiating Services - New Admissions

Complete and mail to DSS the Voluntary Disclosure insert located in the Admissions Acceptance Packet, OR click on the DSS link when completing your New Student Preferences on SOLAR. This will inform DSS that you have been accepted and may require assistance. DSS will contact you to determine accommodations and services.

Provide DSS with Documentation of your disability. To view our documentation forms, please see our ONLINE FORMS page.

Requested accommodations and documentation are assessed individually.

If you will need any accommodations for the Placement Test, contact DSS at least seven (7) days in advance of your Orientation date.

Students must self-disclose in a timely fashion, allowing the University time to secure necessary accommodations.

Initiating Services - All Students

Contact DSS before classes begin and provide documentation of your disability. Services can only be initiated when students self-disclose their disabilities and request some type of assistance. The DSS counselor must determine what the University can provide and what systems must be put in place for the provision of the requested accommodations.

Make an appointment and visit DSS at the beginning of every semester. Once you have met with your professors and know your needs, come to DSS and request that letters be sent to secure accommodations. It is advisable to request, discuss and refine appropriate accommodations with DSS in a timely fashion.

It is the student’s responsibility to keep DSS informed of any difficulties that may arise with recommended accommodations.

Documentation & Accommodations

All students seeking assistance from the DSS office must self-disclose the presence of a specific disability. In order to receive services, appropriate documentation complete with diagnosis and stated specific limitations must be provided. Students are encouraged to have their current licensed and board certified provider fill out the Documentation of Disability. The form provides guidelines for current treating practitioner in explaining how the requested reasonable accommodation would reduce the limitations of the disability thereby providing equal access to your academic experience.

In the case, of students requesting reasonable accommodations due to a learning disability, attention deficit disorder or neurological impairment it is not necessary to fill out the Documentation of Disability Form. This situation requires a testing report from a licensed practitioner in the field and must be comprehensive and include test scores and a clear diagnosis of the impact on the student’s academic success. Subsequently, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or 504 Plans alone are not sufficient enough documentation. However, they may provide useful information about services previously provided to the student, and therefore may be submitted with the comprehensive report. In this case, it is not necessary to fill out the Documentation of Disability Form however an intake form is still needed upon the submission of the documentation.

In cases where documentation is incomplete the student may be asked to seek additional diagnostic documentation. A member of the DSS advising staff will determine appropriate, legal documentation needs. To view our documentation forms, please see our ONLINE FORMS page.

Students with disabilities are protected by privacy and confidentiality policies. Specific information regarding the type of disability will not be given unless requested by the student. All documentation is confidential and kept in the DSS office. The student's academic transcript is unaffected by the disclosure of a disability. The submission of documentation does not activate services or accommodations.

Faculty members will receive notification only if requested by the student each semester.

If additional information is required please contact the office of Disability Support Services at 632-6748, Monday-Friday.


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