Welcome First Generation Students




Being a first generation college student means that you are the first in your family to attend college. WOW!  What an exciting time for you and your family.  Many first-generation students enter college with strong motivation, a passion for education, and the determination to be successful. Despite these important qualities, first-generation students do not have the advantages of a parent who can explain what college is really like and prepare you for what is to come.  

Here at Stony Brook, we have many first-generation students and many staff and faculty who were the first in their families to attend college.  We celebrate you - your motivation, your determination, and your resilience, and yet we also recognize that there are things about the college experience that you don't know yet.  Our goal is to help you make a smooth and stress-free transition to college, and have a clear understanding about how college differs from high school, what you should expect, and what you are responsible for.   

We hope our website can provide you and your family with the information, resources and sense of confidence that you truly can achieve your college degree!