The Facilities Operations Team of the SAC & SBU manages multiple venues for student groups and organizations to host everything from movie nights to conferences.

We are proud to offer on-site access to a bank, television studio, radio station, computing center, student lounges, ATMs, restaurants, and wireless internet.

With 20 meeting areas, 3 ballrooms, and 2 auditoriums to choose from, our facilities are sure to meet your needs.

News and Updates

“The BEST Pool Table on Campus”

Did you know that the SAC basement pool table has been moved to the upstairs dining hall room 221? Since the table was moved there, there are students playing pool there every day from open to close. Most of the students like to play a couple games after they eat. All the feedback is quite positive regarding this small operational change so far. Jonathan Ma, a freshman said he would just come here to play pool whenever he has time because the location is really convenient. He loves playing pool because he thinks pool is a really strategy game and requires players to plan their every moves. 

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