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Your Role in the Community

As a Stony Brook student and Seawolf, you may wear many hats on campus. You could be a student leader, club president or teaching assistant. Above all, you are a valued member of the University community.

If you reside off campus, you take on another important role: You are a member of the surrounding community.

Staying positive, being respectful to your neighbors and following the laws or rules of the town
in which you live helps to build positive relationships. Introduce yourself to your neighbors —
they can be a valuable resource — and offer to be of assistance to them.

A Letter to the Community About Off-Campus Housing

Thinking of Living Off Campus?
Be Safe
Be a Good Neighbor
Maintain Clean Premises
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ATTENTION: If you are renting in the Town of Brookhaven, please note that zoning laws have recently changed. Visit the town's website for more information.