Becoming a leader on campus goes beyond "getting involved." It is articulating a vision, gathering the people and resources necessary, and guiding the group to a successful completion of the goals that were set. 

Leadership is about working with others to accomplish a shared goal.

If you are looking for a formal leadership position, check out a list of available opportunities here.

But remember, a leadership role does not always come with a title.  Here are a few examples:

1. Identify a specific need in the community, whether it is the campus community or beyond, and organize a group of peers to find a way to address that need.

2. Become an active member in a recognized student organization and coordinate a project. 

3. Join an already established cause, and use your strengths to help the group create positive change. 

While you should have certain skills before taking on a leadership role, you will inevitably continue to learn about yourself and others while putting your leadership skills into practice.  Don't forget to reflect on your experiences, and take note of what you have learned. leadership nexus photo



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