Learning outcomes are statements of the skills and abilities one is expected to learn upon going through the learning experience laid out. The following are our student leadership development learning outcomes.


Intellectual Growth & Critical Thinking

Demonstrate effective reasoning skills

Identify personal values and discuss connections to leadership

Identify transferable skills and describe connections to like after college

Demonstrate ethical thinking and decision making skills

Exhibit a working knowledge of leadership and group dynamics theories

Creativity & Innovation

Engage in activities where one thinks and works creatively

Implement innovative ideas

Manage change


Describe one's role within different contexts

Establish meaningful interpersonal relationships

Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively with others

Appreciating Diversity

Demonstrate sensitivity to difference

Demonstrate cross-organizational cultural understanding


Personal Development (Individual)

Identify and discuss personal and educational goals

Act in congruence with personal values

Demonstrate skills and competencies of effective leaders including communication, technology, mentoring, goal-setting, and strategic planning

Develop a structure for solving problems

Identify personal types of power and display appropriate use of power

Interpersonal Skills (Group)

Demonstrate ability to give and receive feedback

Engage in conflict mediation/management

Employ effective listening skills

Communicate thoughts clearly and in a convincing manner

Gain awareness of self in relation to others

Demonstrate ability to motivate others toward a common goal

Civic Engagement (Community)

Enhance the ability to communicate values and ideas about service to others

Develop understanding of being socially responsible engaged leaders in the 21st century

Demonstrate the ability to monitor and assess the impact of a service program/activity on the community

Know how to use leadership skills to forge plans for productive civic engagement

Increase commitment to service for future public service leaders

Develop the next generation of leaders

Implement a shared vision


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