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Academic Peer Advisor (APA)
Students who participate in the program earn three hours of upper division credit per semester and gain experience in leadership, co-instruction of a first year seminar class, and academic advising (you must have junior status to take on this job). The internship is an opportunity to develop skills for careers in education, health professions, law, business, and graduate school, and offers the chance to form friendships and mentor/mentee relationships with fellow peer advisors and other undergraduates.

Campus Involvement Project (CIP) Member 
The Campus Involvement Project is a committee of student leaders who work together to create cohesive plans for increasing awareness of the various campus opportunities and activities available to Stony Brook students. The way in which the CIP was created and ultimately runs is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.  Click here for a copy of the "25 Things" list. 

Career Counseling Intern
As a Career Counseling Intern you will help your peers explore career possibilities, relate majors to career options, make good career decisions, take advantage of Career Center resources and programs, pursue meaningful career related experience such as internships, and community service opportunities, and learn how to successfully transition from college to the world of work or graduate school. This peer advising opportunity is ideal for students interested in counseling and advising, guidance, higher education, human services and human resources. The internship is credit bearing and requires a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Commuter Assistant (CA)
The Commuter Assistant Program pairs incoming commuter students, both freshmen and transfers, with "seasoned" upperclassmen who can offer advice, support and camaraderie during the new students' first year at Stony Brook. Additionally, CAs assist the Office of Commuter Student Services with programming and outreach and represent the commuter voice by serving on various campus committees. CAs are dedicated individuals who take pride in setting an example for all students on the Stony Brook campus.

EcoLeaders Program
EcoLeaders is a student leadership program that focuses on raising positive awareness of environmental issues and encouraging sustainable practices on campus.  The mission of the Stony Brook University EcoLeaders Program is to promote environmentally responsible behavior in an effort to raise awareness and reduce our university‚Äôs carbon footprint.  For more information, please email: sustainability@stonybrook.edu 

Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC) Member
The Inter-Fraternity & Sorority Council, or IFSC, is the official governing body for all Greek-lettered organizations recognized by the Stony Brook University. The IFSC general body is composed of one delegate from each fraternity and sorority recognized on campus and an Executive Board, whose members are elected by the general body amongst candidates that are chosen from the local chapters. Along with the general body, which meets every Thursday, there are also several sub-committees that exist within, and carry out the work of, the IFSC. These sub-committees include, but are not limited to, the Judicial Board, the Programming Committee, and the IFSC Week Committee, and they provide members with several opportunities to become involved with various events on campus while also participating in leadership positions within the IFSC.

Opening Activities Chairperson
The Opening Activities Chairperson is responsible for working with students, organizations, faculty, and staff to develop various events during the first month of both the fall and spring semesters. The student chairs the student organization meetings, manages a budget, creates publicity, implements and coordinates events, and trains student volunteers. The Chairperson is chosen through an application process each year. For more information, contact Diane Redo. 

Orientation Leader (OL)
Orientation Leaders are role models as well as sources of support and information for new freshmen and transfer students. They play a major role in facilitating the adjustment of new students and their families to the Stony Brook community. They share accurate information about academic, personal, and social resources while working collaboratively with faculty, professional staff, and student staff from other areas on campus.

Peer Career Advisor (PCA) 
Being a Peer Cereer Advisor (PCA) is a great opportunity for students interested in careers in counseling and advising, guidance, higher education, human services and human resources.  PCAs help peers make good career decisions, pursue meaningful career related experience, and make successful transitions from college to the world of work or graduate school. Contact the Career Center for more information.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Memberleadership nexus photo
Residence Hall Association is a representative body comprised of student representatives from the undergraduate Residence Halls. The Residence Hall Association solicits input from the Residence Hall representatives and works in close partnership with the
Division of Campus Residences and the Undergraduate Student Government as the representative voice for undergraduate residential students. In addition, the Residence Hall Association coordinates numerous programs, activities, and trainings for residential student and leaders including the RHA Block Party, Masquerade Ball, and Leadership Retreat. 

Resident Assistant (RA) 
The Resident Assistant (RA) position is an integral part of the Campus Community that promotes a sense "connectiveness" and community responsibility on their floors, within their buildings, and their quad. The RA position is a unique leadership opportunity that provides those who are selected with many important real life skills that are transferable to almost any career choice. RAs provide resources and referrals, sponsor educational and social programming, help enforce rules and regulations, and facilitate community involvement and responsibility.

Residential Safety Program (RSP) Member 

The mission of the Residential Safety Program (RSP) at Stony Brook University is to promote safety in our community by providing various services to enhance the safety experience and educate residents and the university community about their responsibility in our community as a whole.

Shirley Strum Kenny Arts Festival Student Co-Chair 
The Shirley Strum Kenny Student Arts Festival Student Co-chair is perfect for someone who is interested in a leadership position in the arts.  The Co-chair works with a planning committee to plan and manage this annual April Festival, and assists the Faculty Director and RHD of the Sanger College, Living Learning Center for the Interdisciplinary Arts with coordinating the LIA 488: Festival Internship Class.  For more information, contact Norman Prusslin

Student African American Brotherhood Organization (SAAB) Member
With over 100 chapters throughout the United States, the Stony Brook Chapter of the Student African American Brotherhood National Organization or SAAB was established specifically to assist its participants to excel academically, socially, culturally, professionally, and in the community. SAAB is primarily comprised of African American and Latino American male students who strive for academic excellence and make a commitment to plan and implement programs that benefit their community at large. SAAB is committed to assisting Stony Brook University in the recruitment, retention, and graduation of all students, with emphasis given to African American and Latino American males.  Participation is open to all students.  SAAB members embrace leadership by being positive examples for each other through a strong commitment to academic achievement, brotherhood, and community service.  SAAB provides weekly study sessions, developmental programs, business meetings, social and religious/spiritual activities, and works with various non-profit community service agencies. Contact Cheryl Chambers for more information.

Student Ambassador 
The mission of the Student Ambassador Program is to provide Stony Brook University with student leaders who participate in an official capacity at special events throughout the year. This program, which brings together students from various academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds, serves to enrich and enhance leadership and communication skills, personal growth, and professional development for its membership while creating long lasting ties with their future alma mater.

Student Conduct Code - Administrative Hearing Board Member 
A Hearing Board convenes to hear referrals of alleged behavioral (non-academic) student misconduct in possible violation of the University Student Conduct Code. The role of the board member is to listen to all facts in a judicial case and then determine if the parties involved are responsible or not responsible for the alleged violations.  Board members receive initial and periodic in-service training.

Undergraduate College FellowUGC
The Undergraduate Colleges provide an opportunity for motivated emerging leaders to become Undergraduate College Fellows.  This two semester sequence provides an opportunity for students to serve as peer mentors in their sophomore year.  Upon acceptance into the program, prospective Fellows enroll in the Undergraduate College Fellows Seminar, spring semester of their first-year.  Following completion of the seminar, students are fully recognized as Undergraduate College Fellows. 

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Member 
The Undergraduate Student Government at Stony Brook University is an autonomous unit within the University Community and it derives its power from the Undergraduate Student Body of said University. Undergraduate Student Government shall work closely with the University Administration to foster a spirit of community, diversity and fellowship, to create programs and services for the benefit of all members of the campus community. The Undergraduate Student Government shall provide leadership that will ensure the undergraduate student voice will be a powerful force in all decisions made at Stony Brook and hereby establish this constitution of the Undergraduate Student Government. 

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