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Stony Brook University aims to provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills.

Leadership is creating a vision, establishing compelling goals, and gaining commitment of others to accomplish these goals. It is assessing needs and managing tasks, including delegating responsibilities, forming teams, negotiating, resolving conflicts, and monitoring tasks.

At Stony Brook, students create their own organizations, serve in elected office, and organize activities and events. They apply what they learn in classes to test their leadership skills in an environment that encourages experimentation, problem solving, and critical thinking. They build professional relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students in ways to achieve shared goals.

Through feedback and reinforcement, they acquire insight about their leadership skills and knowledge, learning what they do well and what areas need improvement. They become continuous learners who value and respect the contributions of colleagues from diverse backgrounds. They start a long-term process of leadership growth that will prepare them for a successful career no matter what their profession.


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