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What does the Office of Commuter Student Services and Off-Campus Living do?

The Office of Commuter Student Services contributes directly and indirectly to the enhancement of the educational experience of all undergraduate commuter students at Stony Brook University. The office accomplishes this by providing services, programs, advocacy, research and outreach on the student’s behalf.

What’s the difference between the Off Campus Living website and the Off Campus Housing website?

The Off Campus Living website provides resources to students looking to move off campus. This includes lease tips, inventory checklist, budget checklist, safety guidelines, and other great resources! The Off Campus Housing guide serves as a good place for students to start looking for an apartment or a house to rent. Not only does it have housing listings, it also has roommate listings, options for short-term housing, and options for apartment complexes.

Off-Campus Housing Consultations

Meet with the Off-Campus Living Graduate Assistant or the Assistant Director to discuss where to find resources for housing off-campus. While we will not find you a place to live we will give you all the tools you need to find the perfect place to live. Please fill out the following information, and someone in the Office of Commuter Student Services will contact you.

We Cannot

  • ... match you with a specific rental unit
  • ... personally provide you with legal advice
  • ... get involved 
  • ... become party to private tenant-tenant or landlord-tenant relations; caveat emptor

We Can

  • ... discuss where you can find resources for off-campus housing
  • ... put you in contact with legal counsel
  • ... offer you resources to help you make educated off campus living decisions
  • ... provide opportunities for off campus community service projects
  • ... and more!


Request an Off-Campus Housing Consultation
See for more information and/or to report an incident.


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