Stony Brook School of Medicine Linkage Program

The linkage program is only for postbaccaluareate students.

A pre-med student traditionally takes the MCAT in the year prior to their anticipated start of medical school. With linkage, a post-baccalaureate student taking an early MCAT could get into Stony Brook's School of Medicine in the same year. Saving the application year and entering medical school a year sooner.

You are encouraged to visit Pre-Professional Advising to talk with James Montren or Lakshmi Ramsoondar about the linkage program in more detail.

Postbaccalaureate students do not apply to Stony Brook's linkage program. The only way to get into Stony Brook's School of Medicine as a linkage applicant is to be nominated by the Faculty Committee on Health Professions. There is no formal application to be completed.

In order to be considered for linkage, students should plan to obtain a Committee Letter of Evaluation (necessary for medical school application)  The materials collected by the Advising Center (autobiographical packet, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and personal statement) will be reviewed by the Faculty Committee on Health Professions (FCHP). This review by the FCHP could result in the student being nominated for linkage.

The School of Medicine specifies the last MCAT date that is acceptable for linkage nominees.  Linkage nominees must register for and take the MCAT by the date specified for your application year. 
The latest MCAT that can be taken to be considered for linkage is Friday, April 17 & Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Post-baccalaureate students nominated in the past tend to have the following characteristics:
a) They are taking postbaccalaureate premedical courses the first time around. They are not students who are retaking premedical courses or taking additional science courses to build up an academic record that is less than strong.
b) Often, they will have taken science courses above and beyond the minimum coursework required by medical schools.
c) Have excellent health-related experience, and work experience in line with their first degree. (For example, a student who has an undergraduate degree in accounting would have work experience in that field).
d) Without exception, students who are strong candidates for a linkage nomination will have EXCELLENT grades in their premedical courses and in any additional science courses that they take.

Nominatation does not guarantee acceptance: Once a post-baccalaureate student is nominated for linkage, the nominee will have to fill out an AMCAS application and a Stony Brook supplemental application.  The School of Medicine will then make the ultimate decisions regarding interview and acceptance.

Please note: The preparation and work required to take an early MCAT places an additional burden on students that might weaken their grades to the point that they are weaker applicants to medical school--both as linkage nominees and as regular applicants.  Trying to rush things along and overloading in the hopes of getting a linkage nomination is counterproductive and harmful.