Stony Brook Fit Club

This program is designed to help improve fitness and nutrition habits in order to improve total wellness. Benefits of participation include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning how to exercise safely and effectively
  • Learning how to make healthier choices at home and on campus
  • Making wellness part of everyday life
  • Having FUN!

Program Details:

11 Week Program Commitment

This 11-week program, beginning September 23, 2013 
through the semester until May 10, 2013, will focus
on changing the participants lifestyle into a healthier one.
The focus will be on reducing their percent body fat
rather than weight in general.

Participation Qualifications

  • Completed application *
  • Registered Undergraduate Student or have
    a CRC membership (Graduate Student,
    Faculty or Staff)
  • Percent body fat over 25% men and 32% women***
  • Statement on why they want to be a part of SB Fit Club
  • Payment ($50 for faculty & staff, $30 for students)
   The participant will commit to attending most if not
   all of the following activities provided to ensure their
   success in the program:
  • Mandatory Meeting (time and date TBD)
  • Wellness Workshops (3-4 TBD)
  • Fitness Activities:
    • 1 private class each week with the other SB Fit
      Club Members
    • Consultation with a Personal Trainer
  • Bi-Weekly Measurements:
    • Percent Body Fat
    • Circumference
    • Weight
    • Blood Pressure
    • Cholesterol (Monthly)

Questions regarding the program, please contact Amanda Turnbull at (631) 632-7263
* Completed applications can be dropped off, interoffice mailed or emailed
*** Body Fat Percentage over 25% for men and 32% for women will be classified as Obese.
**Participants will be in constant contact with Campus Recreation staff and will be receiving tips and motivation weekly if not daily through e-mail.
Participants can join the club at any time during the semester.

Stony Brook Fit Club