Policies & Procedures

All SBU students, faculty and staff are eligible for participation with a Campus Recreation Membership. If you do not know enough people to form a complete team, come to the Department of Campus Recreation for more information and/or you can attend the Managers meeting of that sport and find a team as a free agent at the meeting. Individuals as well as teams are encouraged to participate in intramurals. Teams are usually formed from residence hall floors, Greek organizations, student organizations, and often simply groups of friends.


Entry Forms & Roster Deadlines

Pick up entry forms in the main lobby of the Sports Complex or at the Campus Recreation office, located in the basement of the Sports Complex. Regular season games are played Monday -Thursday, 6 p.m. -11 p.m., depending on the sport activity. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Rosters must be submitted by 5 p.m. by the deadline date for each sport activity.


Intramural Team Manager
The success of the Intramural Program at Stony Brook University is largely dependent upon the representatives who serve as team managers for each participating team. These individuals serve as the means of communication between their team and the Department of Campus Recreation. Each team is encouraged to select the best person to represent their team.

Duties of the Manager Include:

  • Attending (or sending a representative) the mandatory team manager's meeting.
  • Ensuring that all entries are submitted to the Department of Campus Recreation prior to the entry closing date for each sport.
  • Furnishing the Department of Campus Recreation with requested information regarding player eligibility.
  • Providing information to each of his/her teammates regarding playing dates, locations, rule interpretations and rescheduled contests.
  • Insuring that his/her team does not forfeit.

As soon as the Intramural Manager is selected by a team, he/she should visit the Department of Campus Recreation to pick up team roster forms, schedules, etc. The manager will be notified of matters affecting his/her team and will be responsible for passing this information on to his/her teammates.


Scheduling Procedures
It is the responsibility of each team manager/captain to attend the mandatory manager's meetings. At the manager's meetings, all necessary scheduling information will be detailed for the regular season. Regular season play will be followed by a single elimination playoff to determine Divisional Champions. Teams must adhere to a "3.0 sportsmanship rating" and not have forfeited during the regular season to be eligible for a playoff berth. Each sport season a number of Wild Cards are issued to teams which may not have been one of the top teams from their respective division.

Administrative postponements occur when the weather or other uncontrollable factors make postponing games necessary. If the weather is questionable, the Department of Campus Recreation will contact the team manager to cancel the games. Every effort will be made to reschedule games.

Due to the number of teams involved in the Intramural program, the limited availability of fields/ gymnasium; requests for postponements by team representatives will not be honored. If you have a request for specific game times and dates, the Director must be notified at the time of registration. Teams may not postpone games by agreement; games are postponed and canceled by the Department of Campus Recreation only.


Organization Eligibility
Residence Hall Eligibility - Students living in residence halls may only represent the residence hall in which they live. An individual may not, under any circumstances, represent more than one Intramural Organization at the same time. Should a student change residence halls during the course of the school year, his eligibility will change to his/her new residence at the conclusion of the sport currently in progress.

Independent Division Eligibility - Undergraduate students who do not reside in the residence halls or undergraduate students who do not wish to compete for their residence halls are eligible to compete in this division.

Women's Division Eligibility - This division is open to all women who reside on or off campus and to all women faculty, staff and graduate students.

Greek Division Eligibility - This division is open to all members of fraternities and sororities on campus who do not wish to participate with their residence hall or an independent team. All participants must be members of fraternity/sorority; pledges are not eligible to participate.

Undergraduate College Eligibility - This division is open to all members of the undergraduate colleges on campus who do not wish to participate on an independent team. All participants must be members of their undergraduate college. Teams will be scheduled in a separate undergraduate college division providing a sufficient number of teams register for that sport season.

Co-Recreational Division Eligibility - This division is designed to allow men and women to compete on the same team. Anyone may compete in this division, but rules of play may differ according to specific activities. Varsity athletes may not compete in their given sport.

Free Agents - If you want to play, but you do not have a doubles partner or can't get enough people to form a team, we can still get you involved. All you need to do is attend the Manager's Meeting of the team sport they wish to participate in. Another way to get involved is to attend the sport activity the time of the event and see if any one needs an extra player. Guests of Campus Recreation Members may participate at a fee of $10 per visit.


Player Eligibility
ALL PLAYERS MUST PRESENT A STONY BROOK I.D. CARD before being allowed to participate in an intramural contest.

Assumed Name/Address - Any individual knowingly participating in an Intramural Sport under an assumed name or address shall be barred from ALL INTRAMURAL COMPETITION for the duration of the current academic year. In addition the team for which he/she participated under the assumed name or address will be disqualified from further competition in that sport's current season.

FACULTY and STAFF are encouraged to participate in the Intramural Program. All males (F/S) must compete in the Independent/open division. Exception: Graduate students living in residence halls may represent the residence hall or play in the Independent/open division. The Women's division is not sub-divided into residence or Independent/open.

Illegal Player - Any team that uses an illegal player will forfeit all games the illegal player has participated in and will be disqualified from further competition in that sport's current season.

Roster Additions - Teams may make additions to their roster up until the teams’ second played contest. If an individual participates in a contest without being on the team roster, the game will be forfeited and the team could be eliminated from further competition for the duration of that sport season.

Professionalism - Absolutely no jewelry may be worn during Intramural Competition. Players may not tape the jewelry to their body. Equipment that could cut or cause an abrasion to another player is prohibited, without respect to whether or not the equipment is hard. Excessively long fingernails are not permitted. Failure to remove jewelry or equipment could result in ejection from the contest.

  • There shall be no protests allowed on judgment calls.
  • All protests must be on rule interpretations and must deal directly with the score.
  • All protests must be made by the team captain at the time of the protest, to the intramural supervisor at the contest.
  • All protests must be submitted in writing to the Department of Campus Recreation by the team manager within 24 hours of that contest. During playoffs, formal protests must be submitted no later than 9:30 a.m. of the 1st working day following the contest.

Members of Athletic Teams:

  • A person who has won his/her varsity letter or award (i.e. trophy, plaque, jewelry, certificate, jacket, etc.) in a sport or its related sport at Stony Brook University, a four-year college or university, or two-year junior college, will not be eligible to compete in that sport or its related counterpart for a period of 2 academic school years after the awarding of the letter and/or end of the season. Upon termination of the two year grace period, only two varsity letter winners will be eligible to compete for a team in their sport or its related counterpart.
  • A person who has received an athletic scholarship or was a member of an intercollegiate athletic team, but did not receive a varsity letter or award as stated in above in a sport or its related counterpart at Stony Brook University, will not be allowed to compete in that related intramural sport for a period of 2 academic school years from the end of the season that they participated in the sport.
  • All collegiate coaches are considered members of their team, and therefore, they are not eligible to compete in that sport or its related counterpart.
  • If a student practices with a varsity team of their same sex for any period of time, they are ineligible to compete in that sport and in its related counterpart in the intramural sport program during that academic school year unless a letter is secured from the varsity coach of that sport before he or she participates in the intramural sport stating that the participant is not varsity material. (i.e. Redshirts)

The following is a list of Varsity Sports and their related counterparts in Intramural Sports:

Baseball Softball, Wiffleball
Basketball Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball
Soccer Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Kickball
Softball Softball, Wiffleball
Tennis Tennis
Volleyball Volleyball, 4-on-4 Volleyball

Any student, faculty/staff member who has competed in a sport on a professional basis shall be ineligible for Intramural competition in that sport or its related IM sport.


Intramural Fees
Forfeit Fees: In each of the team sports, the team will be required to pay a $40 forfeit fee. This fee must be paid in cash or check and is due upon when you submit your team roster. Failure to pay the forfeit fee prior to the deadline date will result in teams’ elimination from the league. This fee is being imposed to discouraged teams from forfeiting. At the end of the sport season, if the team did not forfeit, the money will be refunded. However, if the team forfeits a contest or defaults twice, the money is also forfeited to the Intramural Sports Program and that team will be required to pay another $40 fee in order to continue

Forfeit: If a team or contestant from that team fails to appear at the scheduled game time, the intramural staff shall declare the contest forfeited.

Default: When less than 50% of a regulation team is present the game shall be recorded as a default. If your team is unable to attend a contest, it is the manager’s responsibility to notify the Department of Campus Recreation @ 632-7168 prior to 4:00pm on the scheduled day. This will be recorded as a default. Failure to notify the office before 4:00pm, or if no members of the team show up for the contest will result in a FORFEIT and loss of $40.00 FEE. If a team has two defaults in the same season, that will also result in the loss of the $40.00 FEE.

Only a 5-minute grace period will be allowed before the game is recorded as a default or forfeit

Please make every attempt to show up for scheduled contest. If your team is unable to make a scheduled contest, it is the responsibility of the manager to notify the Department of Campus Recreation.

Forfeit Fee Refund Policy: A team manager has until the end of the academic year to retrieve the team forfeit fee. The fee is nonrefundable after that time and is forfeited to the Intramural Program. The team manager must submit a "Forfeit Fee Refund Form" to the Department of Campus Recreation prior to the end of the academic year. The Department of Campus Recreation will process the form and providing the team has not forfeited any games will issue a check of $40 within two weeks.

A MANDATORY INTRAMURAL FEE OF $10 per academic year for the outdoor sports (Flag Football, Soccer, and Softball) imposed on all Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff. Fee must be paid to the Department of Campus Recreation at the time of registration.