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Club Forms

Off-Campus Events

Off-Campus Trip Form

  • Fill out this form for all off-campus trips.  Once this trip is filled out completely, turn it in to  Tom St. John.  You can drop the completed form between 8:30a-4:30p or by appointment.  Once your trip has been approved, you will  be sent a travel roster form for each member of the club to fill out prior to the trip.

LENS Check Form

  • If students are driving their personal car of renting a car for an off campus Trip, the LENS check packet should be submitted to Tom.  Drivers who do not have a New York drivers license must submit a copy of their driver history from their state.

Accident/Injury Report

  • An E-board member must fill out this form any time a member is injured at a club event including, practices,and home and away games.

2017-2018 Off-Campus Trip Report

  • Fill this form out within 24 hours of each off-campus trip.

Excused Absence Form

  • If you are going to miss this class for a game, you can fill this form out to notify your professors.

On-Campus Events

On-Campus Event

  • Email Marie or Tom to schedule an on-campus game, practice or team meeting

Food Permit

  • The Food Permit is required when food needs to be at a constant temperature for your event. USG funded student clubs and organizations are required to turn in their Food Permit at the time the minutes and vouchers have been submitted to USG. All non-funded clubs and organizations are required to submit their Food Permit to their assigned Program Advisor.

Club Resources

Sport Club Event Flow Chart

  • Utilize this document to plan your events.


  • This manual is a guide to all sports clubs. It explains policies and procedures, and gives important information to being an active sports club.

Model Constitution

  • Vist SBLife to obtain a model constitution current with unviersity policies.

AT Policies Guide

  • This guide gives information on Athletic Training and injury protocol.

Emergency Protocol

  • This document gives the proper protocol to follow if an accident was to occur on an off-campus trip.


Submit your Club Roster

2018-2019 Sport Club Roster Form

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