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Kumdo Club

Kumdo Club

A direct translation of “Kumdo” is “the way of the sword.” Moreover, Kumdo is physically and mentally challenging activity that combines strong martial arts values with sport-like physical elements. Kumdo students will be able to explore the different aspects of sword-play without having harm inflicted upon themself or others. Being able to control one's inner-self in the face of one's opponent in matches and in everyday life is an important aspiration for all Kumdo students. Therefore by learning the art of Kumdo, one will be able to discipline oneself to take on the challenges met in the sport and in all aspects of life. 

Since the SBU Kumdo club was formed, it has given every student great physical strength, and more importantly, a steadfast mind to anyone who tries their best. The SBU Kumdo club participates in numerous tournaments throughout the United States. From those many competitions, our club has won numerous titles for both team and individual matches. Also of our list of achievements, we have spread the name of Stony Brook University whilst our Kumdo club has become one of the best Kumdo teams on the East Coast. Through dedication, hardwork, and most importantly, the friendships and bonds made through practices, tournaments, and social bonding events, our club has successfully excelled in becoming a Kumdo family and a top-ranking Kumdo team.

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