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What is the Campus Residences Student Advocate?

The Campus Residences Student Advocate is a resource for you created to assist you with a problem you have been unable to resolve regarding your residential experience. The advocate is a senior staff member working for the Division of Campus Residences and has far reaching involvement in all departments within the Division.

What are the duties of the Campus Residences Student Advocate?

The Student Advocate knows the "big picture" of Campus Residences and can help with problem-solving from a perspective different from other members of the support team.

Some duties include:

  • Listening to you as you express your concerns
  • Helping you navigate Campus Residences resources
  • Providing information to you that will assist you in the process of problem solving
  • Referring you to counselors, Student Health Services, Student Affairs, other Campus Residences staff, or the Ombuds Office when appropriate

When would you contact the Campus Residences Student Advocate?

The Student Advocate can be contacted concerning any residential issue that was not resolved after you have already exhausted your efforts with your Quad staff.  Part of the responsibilities of the Student Advocate is to help the you navigate Campus Residences, so if it is an issue that can be handled more effectively by an RA or Quad Office Service Manager, the Student Advocate will help guide you to that resource.

Who is the Campus Residences Student Advocate and how do I contact him?


Director of Residential Risk Management

(631) 632-6750



Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in all forms, including sexual violence and/or harassment.
Contact Marjolie Leonard, Director for Title IX and Risk Management, Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action, 201 Administration Building,
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-0251, (p) 631.632.6280.

See for more information and/or to report an incident.