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How to apply

Board applications are also available from your RHD, Campus Residences, and The Residential Community Standards Office (Mendelsohn Quad Lobby, between Irving & O’Neill).

Contact Joe Vece, Residential Community Standards at (631) 632-9011, or email 


Take it from them….

“Being part of the Conduct Board was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the university and its judicial processes”

“I was able to use the skills I learned from the board when I became a RA”

“I love being part of the board. Every hearing I attend makes me more and more excited about law school”

“I really learned a lot about communication, listening skills, and working with a team”


What do Administrative Hearing Board Members do?

Conduct board members hear a variety of cases. Boards convene to hear referrals of alleged behavioral (non-academic) student misconduct in possible violation of the Campus Residences Terms of Occupancy and/or Campus Residences Terms of Occupancy. The role of the conduct board member is to listen to all facts in a judicial case and then determine if the parties involved are responsible or not responsible for the alleged violations. Board members will receive initial and periodic in-service training.

What is the Campus Residences Terms of Occupancy?

The Campus Residences Terms of Occupancy contains the rules, regulations and expectations for living in a residence hall or apartment on the Stony Brook campus. It is the housing agreement for all residents on campus and is based on living responsibly in a University residential community. 


What is the Conduct Code?

The University Student Conduct Code contains the campus rules/regulations that are the Community Standards governing student conduct and civility on the campus. The code also outlines the process whereby students can file complaint when their rights as members of the University community have been violated by other students.


What are the requirements to be a board member?

Board members must be currently registered and have a clean judicial record, with a minimum GPA of 2.25.


How long will hearings last?

Typically hearings last anywhere from 1-2 hours. On occasion they will be longer or shorter than this.


How many people serve on the board in a hearing?

Depending upon the level of the alleged violation, each Hearing Board will have a total of three to five people (students, professional staff, and faculty).


What happens if I know the parties involved?

If you find that you know any of the parties involved in the hearing you must excuse your self from the hearing.


So what’s in it for me?

Being a part of the Administrative Hearing Board can have many benefits. Some of these benefits include…

· Leadership Experience!

· A Great Resume Builder!

· Ideal for students who have an interest in law, education, social work, or any human services!


The Residential Community Standards Office

Helping to Create a Safe Environment for Living & Learning

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