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Q: Where can I play basketball on campus?

Q: What events are occurring on campus?

Q: What television stations do I get?

Q: Is there HBO GO available on campus for residents?

Q: How do I setup my TV to work on campus?


 Q: Where can I play basketball on campus?

A: Basketball can be played inside the Indoor Sports Complex and Behind the Indoor Sports Complex.  Visit the Athletics website for more information:

Basketball can also be played in the outdoor multi-sport facility behind Langmuir College where, in addition to hoops, one can assemble to area to play outdoor volleyball or deck hockey.  For a precise location of this and other on-campus areas, please visit the online version of the campus map:


 Q: What events are occurring on campus?

A: The best way to find out what is going on is to check out the university calendar for events on campus at


Campus Residences also coordinates and co-sponsors a rich variety of academic, social, recreational and cultural programs during the year with these and many other departments throughout the university.

The Staller Center For The Arts hosts a broad range of musical , and theatrical performance throughout the year.  For more information, visit the Staller website at


 Q: What television stations do I get? 



 Q: Is there HBO GO available on campus for residents?

A: Yes!

HBO GO® is the latest addition to Stony Brook University’s digital offerings and provides on-campus student residents with instant, unlimited access to HBO® programming anytime, anywhere at no extra charge.  

• With HBO GO included in your on-campus housing package, Stony Brook University students get their own HBO GO account to enjoy everything they love about HBO online at no additional charge.  Anytime.  Anywhere. 

• On-campus students can enjoy every episode of every season of the best HBO shows, including HBO original programming, hit movies, sports, documentaries, comedy specials and more in HD (for most titles) right from their computer (PC or MAC) and select tablets, mobile devices, streaming players, smart TVs and game consoles. 

• Over 2,000 Titles At Any Given Time • Virtually all of HBO’s programming inventory now available online with instant and unlimited access to over 2,000 titles

• With HBO GO, watch new episodes of your favorite shows and hit movies simultaneously as they premiere on HBO.

• Includes bonus features, behind-the-scenes extras, soundtracks and cast information

• “Watch list” bookmarks content for later viewing 

• Get HBO GO wherever you want—on your computer, laptop and select tablets, mobile devices, streaming  players, smart TVs and game consoles. Any way you watch it, HBO brings you the best.



  1. Be enrolled for class and apply for housing at SBU
  2. Pay your SBU housing bill and currently living on campus
  3. Visit or download the HBO GO app
  4. Click “Sign In” to get started
  5. Scroll down to select Stony Brook University as the TV Provider
  6. Follow the on screen prompts to continue authentication by logging in with your Solar NetID
  7. Create an HBO GO user ID
  8. Start Watching! 

Students at Stony Brook University who are currently enrolled and reside in on-campus housing are eligible to access HBO GO. 

On-campus Stony Brook University residents can go to or download the HBO GO app, click “sign in” and scroll down to select their school from the dropdown list.  Complete authentication by following the onscreen instructions.

You can access HBO GO using computer (PC or MAC) and select tablets, mobile devices, streaming players (Roku), Samsung smart TVs and game consoles (Xbox, Playstation 3). More Screens.  More Content.  More Ways to Watch.

HBO GO is available on computers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere – on or off campus.  Game consoles and connected TV devices can only be used on your school’s campus network.  

NOTE: HBO GO® is only accessible in the US and certain US territories where a high speed broadband connection is available. Minimum 3G connection is required for viewing on mobile devices. Some restrictions may apply.


Q: How do I setup my TV to work on campus?

  1. Verify that your TV has the proper QAM tuner (internal or external). Without a QAM tuner you will not receive the channels.
      • First check to see if the TV has an internal tuner by searching the specifications section of your TV manual. If you no longer have your TV manual, locate the make and model of the TV and lookup the specs online.
      •  If your TV does not have an internal QAM tuner, an external QAM tuner will need to be purchased in order to receive channels.
  2. Ensure that all cables are connected securely 
  3. In the menu or set-up options on the TV, verify that the TV is set to CABLE or CATV 
  4. Run a channel scan. This setting is normally located in the menu or set-up option however it varies depending on the TV make and model 
  5. Check the IT website for any scheduled TV outage notices. While maintenances that are service impacting are infrequent, it may be possible that we are undergoing a maintenance. 
  6. Contact our 24-hour support center to report the issue @ 1-844-283-6504.
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