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Congratulations! Your child is now a Stony Brook Seawolf! As you prepare to send him or her off to college, and to live in the residence halls, please keep in mind a few important tips to make the transition for your student (and you!) a little easier:
  • Most incoming freshmen will have two other roommates. If your student is going away from home for the first time, discuss with them the importance of compromise and the implications of living with two other people. Also, it would be prudent not to bring an excess of belongings since space is limited in the rooms.

  • Ask your student to familiarize themselves with the resources available on campus. The university offers many different opportunities that students can take advantage of.  You can find information to all the resources and offices at 

  • There are many items that are prohibited from the residence halls. Please ask your student to review the Student Conduct Code to check what items are not allowed. You can also find prohibited items under the link “Things to Bring”.
  • Sometimes, students are unaware of where to get answers for certain questions. If they are unsure of who to contact, it is always best to either ask their Resident Assistant (RA) on the floor, or ask the Resident Hall Director (RHD) of the building they are living in. The residence hall staff can always point students in the right direction.

  • Finally, we understand that it is difficult to get used to your child not living at home anymore. However, growing up and doing things independently is part of the whole experience of going away to college. Students are in good hands at Stony Brook, and we strive to create an environment where students are challenged to think independently but feel supported by their community.


Additional information for parents can be found on the Parent FAQ page


If you or your son/daughter have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Campus Residences at (631) 632-6750 or email


We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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