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Q: How do I find all the buildings on campus?

Q: Where is the main Campus Residences office located?

Q: Where is the campus convenience store located?

Q: Where is RSP Walk Service and where are they located on campus?

Q: What are the undergraduate colleges and where are they located?



 Q: How do I find all the buildings on campus?

A: Check out this interactive map: Campus Map


 Q: Where is the main Campus Residences office located?

A: Campus Residences is located in Mendelsohn Quad adjacent to O'Neill College. For an exact location, please view the Stony Brook campus map online:

To write to a specific Campus Residences employee, please use this address: 

Division of Campus Residences
Mendelsohn Quad
100 Circle Road
Stony Brook, NY 11794 -4444


 Q: Where is the campus convenience store located? 

A: The Seawolves MarketPlace is located in the Student Activities Center.  For precise locations of this and other on-campus buildings, please visit the Campus Map website.


 Q: Where is RSP Walk Service and where are they located on campus?

A: Residential Safety Program (RSP) provides radio-dispatched escort teams that walk students from one location on campus to another. RSP also checks Identification cards at building entrances and inspects exterior doors for proper operation. RSP is located at Mendelsohn Quad in between O'Neill and Irving.  RSP can be contacted at 2-WALK (9255) and operating hours are 7 days a week from 8pm to 2am. Winter hours are from 4pm to 2am.


 Q: What are the undergraduate colleges and where are they located?

A: Stony Brook's Undergraduate Colleges are small but vital communities, offering individualized support while tailoring the first-year experience for students with similar interests. Each incoming freshman is assigned to one of six Undergraduate Colleges:

Arts, Culture, and Humanities

Global Studies

Human Development

Information and Technology Studies

Leadership and Service

Science and Society


All Undergraduate Colleges include customized advising and support, special educational and social programs, and opportunities for close interaction with faculty and fellow students around themes of common interest. Both commuter and residential students are welcomed into College life. First-year resident members of each College are housed together in the same residential quadrangle. First-year commuters have a centrally located home on the Academic Mall.

The colleges are named for distinct themes around which academic and social life revolve: the system is intended to let students explore a wide range of interests, both within their intended majors and across the academic spectrum.

While each College has its own personality, there are many experiences that will be the same for every first-year student:

A committed team of faculty and staff. The Faculty Director is an esteemed member of the faculty who provides intellectual and academic leadership for the College. The College Advisor provides academic support and guidance for each freshman in that College. The Quad Director and Residence Hall Directors provide expertise in the areas of student development and student life at Stony Brook.

Freshman Seminar 101. In the fall, each freshman is enrolled in a College-specific seminar. It's a semester-long opportunity to get acquainted with Stony Brook, taught by staff who know and understand the campus community. The course is designed to give new students the skills they need for success — both academic and social — while exploring aspects of the Colleges' respective themes.

Freshman Seminar 102. The spring seminar affords freshmen a unique opportunity to get to know faculty in small, interactive classroom settings. Learning takes place in the context of in a small community (less than 20 students) comprising faculty and students who share similar interests. Faculty from across campus teach seminars based on their particular areas of expertise and intellectual interest.

Student Involvement. Each College hosts frequent, varied social and educational activities. Students can easily get involved through College student councils and programming boards.

The Undergraduate Colleges exemplify Stony Brook's unique approach to life and learning, combining all the advantages of a major university with the close connections of a small community.

For further information, contact:

Jean C. Peden
Director of Undergraduate Colleges

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