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Room Change Concierge Program

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Campus Residences is pleased to introduce its Room Change Concierge Service. Available to all resident students in Mendelsohn, H, Roth, Tabler, Chapin, West/Schomburg, Kelly and Roosevelt Quads, the Concierge Service is designed to provide personalized assistance to residents who are exploring the possibility of a room change with another resident.

The Room Change Concierge is a student leader within the Quad who is trained to help residents assess the type of space they are interested in living in and where possible, helping to match residents with other students who are also interested in completing a room change.


The Quad Concierges are as follows:

H-Quad: George Hores
Kelly: Eric Wong
Mendelsohn: Cheska Flicker
Roosevelt: Nicholas Vollano
Roth: Julio Villarman
Tabler: Julio Nuñez
Chapin: Justin Thomas
West/SchomburgSayid Yasin
To contact the Quad Room Change Concierge please email

You will also be asked to complete a preference form that will assist the Concierge in helping identify the most important characteristics that you are interested in when looking for a room change. The preference form can be located here.

Information to consider before initiating a room change:

  1. Freshmen may only move to spaces within their assigned Undergraduate College. Room changes between quads will only be available to students beyond their freshmen year.
  2.  The Room Change Concierge can help facilitate room changes to “like type” spaces (ie: double to double, single to single). Changes in assignment type (double to single, residence halls to West Apartments, etc are managed by the Residence Hall waiting list (available at
  3. Room change requests will be limited to 1:1 exchanges, only. Any vacancy that opens up will be used to reassign one of the residents of a triple room in that building or Quad.
  4. Prior to contacting the Room Change Concierge, it is suggested that you fully discuss with your roommate(s) what your likes / dislikes are. You may discover that you have more in common than you think. Your RA and / or RHD can assist if you’d like.
  5. Remember, if a student wants to change rooms, there’s a reason why. Make sure that before you agree to change rooms with another resident that the space you’re planning to move into is a better fit for your needs.
  6. Once you identify a space you’d like to move to, you need to complete a Room Change request form. The completed form must be signed by the building RHD(s) and taken to the Quad Office where the space you’re moving to is located to be processed.


For more information contact the Division of Campus Residences at or call (631) 632-6966. 

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