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Welcome to Stony Brook University! You will officially be a resident of our campus, and we are very excited that you will become a member of our diverse residential community.

Before you arrive, we highly recommend contacting your roommates and getting to know more about each other, so that the transition to living together will be an easier one. Although we try very hard to assign residents together who have similar lifestyle choices, there may still be some important issues you want to discuss with each other.

The following are some questions to consider:

  • Do you prefer the top bunk, lower bunk, or the single bed, or does it not matter?

  • Do you consider your self a messy or neat person? How will we divide up the cleaning schedule (take out trash, vacuum the room, etc)?

  • Do you want to have guests in the room and if so, are overnight guests allowed? How about guests from the opposite sex? When is the best time for guests?

  • What are your study habits? Are you more likely to study during the day or night?

  • Are you bringing a television/stereo/DVD player/mini fridge, etc? If so, do you mind sharing or would you prefer to have your own electronics/appliances? If we are sharing, who will bring what?

  • What are your sleeping habits? What time do you go to bed? Do you need the light turned off in order to sleep?

  • Do you prefer studying in the room, or somewhere else?

  • Are you a smoker? (Please note that smoking is prohibited in all residence hall facilities)

*Please note that students will be assigned specific furniture once they arrive and sign in. However, residents are free to move around after all residents arrive if they have a different preference that all can agree upon. The residents must inform the residence hall staff that they will be changing their beds around.


Sometimes, having the right roommate may set you up for greatness. Below is a list of famous people who lived together during their college years, and made it big. So, be nice to your roommate, because you never know who or what they will become!

Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore (Harvard University)

Robin Williams and Christopher Reeves (Julliard)

Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson (University of Texas)

Ving Rhames and Stanley Tucci (SUNY Purchase)


The key to any successful living situation is communication. Students are encouraged to have honest discussions with one another to help get their living situation off to a good start! We hope that this guide will help roommates and suitemates learn ways to break the ice and open lines of communication which are crucial for a positive living environment. Remember that this is a new experience for everyone, so if you are excited or nervous – chances are that your roommate feels the same way! Examine yourself and your own habits, and assess your living preferences – compromise and understanding are essential to a healthy living situation. Remember to always communicate openly, directly, and immediately as issues arise — each roommate owes the other the courtesy of speaking to him/her first. If you need help there are a wealth of staff members in your residence hall always willing to assist. Please use this guide to get to know one another and establish a shared living space that everyone will enjoy!

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