Getting Started: Planning a Conference

Planning successful events, from a simple meeting to a several day conference, takes forethought and time and can require many months of planning and coordination. The Conference Planning Checklist is a chronological checklist that helps keep you on track in your planning process from start to finish.

We recommend that you contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at (631) 632-6320 before inviting speakers or making other arrangements to ensure that the space you are hoping to use can be available for you. Our staff can also help you develop a fully integrated and unique program.

Fill out our Request a Conference form to get started.

Can Conference Services accept registration and payment for our conference?
Yes, we are able to accept registration and payment. Please contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at (631) 632-6320.

Does Conference Services Plan off-campus events?
Yes and no, we only plan off-site events that are in conjunction with something that is being held on campus. For example, if you are having a four day conference on the Stony Brook University campus that includes a one-time off-site banquet, we can certainly organize that for you. On the other hand, if you are planning an event or conference that is completely off-campus, such as in Port Jefferson, N.Y., we would not be your event planners for that conference. You should plan to work directly with the event planner at the conference location where your event is being held. Most hotels and conference venues have someone to fill that role.

Am I required to use Stony Brook catering for all on-campus food events?
No. However, Stony Brook Catering serves a variety of foods and can meet your culinary needs at very cost effective rates.  Regardless of what food you choose to serve an outside food vendor coming onto campus would need to be made known to the facility management of your venue space.

What should I do if I arrive late during the summer and I am staying in Campus Residence housing?
Campus residence office is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, during the summer conference season. If you are arriving to campus past midnight please notify the Hendrix office at (631) 632-6774 (summer only) so we can announce you to the Guard booth at University Police.

Where can I get a parking pass?
Parking is usually available in the parking lot associated with the residence hall you would be staying in during your visit.  Parking passes will be provided to be displayed in your window upon checking in to your room.

Conference planning can be daunting especially if it is your first time. Print out and use our checklist, which provides a general timeline of tasks required to organize a successful conference. Customize it to your needs by deleting some items, changing others and adding to the "to do" list. The "to do" list is in chronological order although you may find that some things happen concurrently or that the order shifts due to various circumstances.