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In addition to the residence halls, the Division of Campus Residences offers on-campus apartments for matriculated graduate students, families, married and domestic couples, graduate Health Science Center students, and current undergraduate students of U3 or U4 standing (West Apartments only), which are open throughout the calendar year. Each apartment complex also has wheelchair and other handicap accessible apartments.

The University Apartments at Stony Brook are comprised of three separate apartment complexes:

Chapin Apartments
Schomburg Apartments
West Apartments

The Harry S. Chapin Apartments are located on East Campus. The West Apartments and the Arthur A. Schomburg Apartments are located on West Campus. Within Chapin, West and Schomburg are one and two bedroom apartments for couples and families, four to six bedroom apartments for undergraduate students, and three and four bedroom apartments for single graduate students and students in the Health Sciences Center.

The University Apartments house a rich diversity of students. Residents have a unique opportunity to experience different cultures and form friendships that span the globe. The convenient, quiet locations of the apartments on campus provide residents with an easy means of getting to their classes while maintaining a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for students and families. The Chapin, West and Schomburg Apartment Complexes combine the privacy and comfort of apartment living with the convenience of living on campus.

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