César Chávez Hall & Harriet Tubman Hall

Chavez Hall

In September of 2016, César Chávez Hall was opened to students, and Tubman Hall opened in January of 2017. The new residence halls provided 759 additional beds and a 60,000 square feet state-of-the-art dining facility for Stony Brook University students, staff, and faculty. This project was implemented due to the increase in demand for on-campus housing for both new and returning students. 


Chávez Hall & Tubman Hall are Home to:

Housing Policies
 Both buildings require residents to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be in good judicial standing with the University to qualify and are for undergraduate students of U3 or U4 standing. Both buildings are Smoke-Free.
Chávez Hall and Tubman Hall are located off of Toll Drive and can be found on the Campus Map in quadrant D3. 
Floor Plan
Suite-style floor plan composed of four or five Single bedrooms. 
Meal Plan
Both buildings require students to be on a meal plan. 
Dining Facilities
The nearest dining facility is East Side Dining. For more information, visit the Campus Dining site.



If you have any questions concerning Chávez or Tubman Halls, please contact us