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 Eleanor Roosevelt Quad is the Undergraduate College for Global Studies. Being part of the Global Studies (GLS) Undergraduate College, you will learn about the impact of globalization and explore what it means to be a global citizen.

To learn more about the Living Learning Center in Eleanor Roosevelt Quad, please visit the page for International Studies


E. Roosevelt Quad is located on the West side of campus off of Circle Road. It is located close to West Side Dining, the Roth Cafe and the academic mall. E. Roosevelt Quad can be found in quadrant B5 on the Campus Map


The quad contains five buildings. Four buildings have a corridor-style floor plan composed of Singles, Doubles and Design Triples. Design Triples, like doubles or singles, have a full set of furniture for each resident; nothing needs to be shared. The fifth building in the quad has a suite-style floor plan with four Single bedrooms in each suite. Each Roosevelt Single bedroom is 10' x 11' (110 sq. ft.). Each Roosevelt Double is 16' x 11' (176 sq. ft.). Each Roosevelt Design Triple is 10' x 18' (180 sq. ft.). All buildings are Smoke-Free.

Keller College
Greeley College
Wagner College
Yang Hall

Many amenities in E. Roosevelt Quad are located in The Center for Global Studies & Human Development. The Computing Center for the quad is located on the ground floor of the GLS/HDV Center. Other amenities found in the center are Jamba Juice, Sandellas and a pharos release printing station.


To view pictures of Eleanor Roosevelt Quad, please visit the YouVisit webpage.


If you have any questions regarding Eleanor Roosevelt Quad, please contact us.

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