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H Quad Leadership and Service

H-Quad is the Undergraduate College for Leadership and Service. While at LDS, you’ll have a chance to participate in service learning activities that are invaluable for your personal development and intellectual growth.

To learn more about the Living Learning Center in H-Quad, visit the Leadership Development page.


H-Quad is located on the North end of campus off of Stadium Drive. It is located close to the LIRR train station, LaValle Stadium and is near the academic mall. H-Quad can be found in quadrant D2 on the Campus Map.


The quad contains three buildings and has corridor-style floor plans composed of Double bedrooms. Each Double bedroom is 13' x 14' (182 sq. ft.). All buildings are Smoke-Free.

Benedict College
James College
  •  Cooking Building- Residents that live in James College are not required to be on a University meal plan because there is a kitchen located on every floor of the building
  • 24-Hour Quiet Building


To view pictures of H-Quad, go to the YouVisit webpage.


If you have any questions about H-Quad, please contact us.

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