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Mendelsohn Quad is the Undergraduate College of Information and Technology StudiesThe College seeks to infuse students with a sense of wonder as they discover the power of information and technology and consider their own role in shaping the future.


Mendelsohn Quad is located on the North end of campus off of Stadium Drive. It is located close to East Side Dining, the Rec Center and the academic mall. Mendelsohn Quad can be found in quadrant D3 on the Campus Map


The quad contains four buildings and has corridor-style floor plans composed of Double bedrooms. Each Double bedroom is 13' x 14' (182 sq. ft.). All buildings are Smoke-Free.

Irving College
O'Neill College
Gray College
  • Substance Free
  • WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) - Unitl July 31, 2017
Ammann College


To view pictures of Mendelsohn Quad, go to the YouVisit webpage.


If you have any questions about Mendelsohn Quad, please contact us

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