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Roth Quad is the Undergraduate College for Science and Society. The Undergraduate College of SSO emphasizes imagination, research and discovery in a social context. You will explore the power of creativity to transform the modern environment in which we live. 

To learn more about the Living Learning Center in Roth Quad, visit the Environmental Studies page.


Roth Quad is located on the southern side of West Campus off of Circle Road. It is the home to Roth Cafe, Roth Pond, Roth Regatta, Rothapalooza and is the closest quad to the academic mall. Roth Quad can be found in quadrant C5 on the Campus Map.


The quad contains five buildings and has suite-style floor plans composed of three Double bedrooms. Each Double bedroom is 8' x 17' (136 sq. ft.). All suites in Roth Quad have AC units. All buildings are Smoke-Free.

Gershwin College
Cardozo College
Mount College
Whitman College


To view pictures of Roth Quad, please visit the YouVisit webpage. 


If you have any questions about Roth Quad, please contact us


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