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 Tabler Quad is the Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture, and Humanities. At ACH, theme-specific programming allows students to think critically about the ways in which art and culture are present in our everyday lives, and how it enriches us; often times without us being fully aware of it. 

To learn more about the Living Learning Center in Tabler Quad, please visit the page for Media Arts


Tabler Quad is located on the southern end of West Campus on Tabler Drive and is close to Tabler Cafe, the Tabler Arts Center and Roth Cafe. The quad can be found in quadrant C5 on the Campus Map


The quad is comprised of five buildings with suite-style floor plans. Each suite contains three Double bedrooms that are 13' x 12' (156 sq. ft.). All buildings are Smoke-Free.

Hand College
  • Cooking buildings (no meal plan required)
  • Quad Office
Sanger College


To view pictures of Tabler Quad, please visit the YouVisit webpage.


If you have any questions regarding Tabler Quad, please contact us


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