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Division of Campus Residences

Gender Inclusive Housing Contract

2017 – 2018

(Effective March 20, 2017)


Stony Brook University is proud of the diversity of our community. Among the many ways we celebrate the diverse richness of the campus is through our commitment to providing Gender Inclusive Housing to our resident student community. Residents of Gender Inclusive spaces have the opportunity to live with other students of the same gender, the opposite gender or students from across the gender spectrum within the same suite or apartment.

As a student that has selected to live in a Gender Inclusive space for the 2017 - 2018 academic year, you must agree to the  Gender Inclusive Housing Community Agreement below. A hard copy will be provided to you when you check into the space as official acknowledgement of the expectations of Gender Inclusive Housing.

  • I understand that Gender Inclusive Housing is defined as a housing option in which two or more students share a multiple occupancy space, suite or apartment regardless of the students’ sex,gender identity or gender expression. In other words, this allows for students of any gender identity to live together regardless of sex assigned at birth.
  • In order to be eligible for Gender Inclusive Housing, I must be 18 years of age or older by the start of the semester in which I matriculate.
  • I will be responsible for upholding the standards of the community, which are in congruence with the core value of respect for and valuing all persons.
  • I understand that if I exhibit behavior that is contrary to the spirit of this agreement I may be relocated to a different housing accommodation on campus.
  • I will respect and safeguard the privacy and personal space of all of my roommates/suitemates/apartment-mates.
  • I understand that I am fully responsible for following all Stony Brook University policies and procedures as outlined in the University Student Conduct Code and the Terms of Occupancy as outlined on the University website.
  • I understand that the Division of Campus Residences has the right to make changes to assignments and utilization of space as it deems appropriate with 72 hours notice provided. In the event of an emergency, reassignment may occur immediately.


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