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Print From Anywhere Service

The Print From Anywhere service allows students to send print jobs to the SINC Site Print Queue from their own computers whether on campus or off campus. Students need to install the Pharos Client software on their personal machines. This software sets up a special printer on a student's personal computer that will allow them to send their documents to the Pharos Print Queue.

Using the Print From Anywhere Client

Sending Print Jobs to the Print From Anywhere Queue from a Web Browser

Sending Print Jobs to the Print From Anywhere Queue from an Email 


Residence Hall Locations:

Roosevelt Quad: GLS Center, down the hall from the Roosevelt Quad Office.

Roth Quad: SSO Center / Roth Food Court, first floor of the Roth Cafe.

Mendelsohn Quad: Irving College, right across from the Mendelsohn Quad Office.

Chavez Hall: At the main entrance lobby. 

ERQ   Roth   Mende

(Above are pictures of the Print From Anywhere stations located in Roosevelt, Roth and Mendelsohn, respectively.) 


For questions or concerns, please contact Client Support at 631-632-9800 or Campus Residences Information Systems at .  

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