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Apogee TV

Why is the campus changing the television network?

Apogee allows on-campus residential networks to convert to an all digital signal.  This is the first step in moving to a Stony Brook Streaming service, where students will be able to watch content on devices other than their television.  

Will there be an additional cost for Apogee?

There will be no additional cost, but students will see additional functionality.  Students will still see the channels they have always had, in additional to several more.  The new channels include ESPN News, Cinemax, National Geographic, and more.  

What is the new channel order going to be after the change?

For the new channel listings please refer to the SBU TV Guide for Apogee.  The channel guide has been created to save easily to a mobile device or personal computer.  

When will the television network be changing?

Phase I will occur on December 5, 2016 for students living on Stony Brook’s main campus.  Phase II will include the Stony Brook Streaming service which will be available for all residential Stony Brook students, including students living at Brookhaven Residential Village and Southampton.  Phase II will become available in the Spring 2017 semester.

What do residents need to do before the change?

If students have a digital television then they will not need to make any changes.  If students have an analog television, they will need to purchase a digital to analog converter box.  All students will have access to television programming through the streaming service on their personal computers and mobile devices, starting during the Spring 2017 semester.  

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