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Electronic Room Condition Reports (eRCRs) 

What exactly is an Electronic Room Condition Report (eRCR)? 
Residents are asked to review our assessment of the space against their assessment and either approve or reject the report. They can also provide comments about specific items in the space whether they approve or reject the E-RCR. If they reject, a staff member will visit the room (ideally while they are present) to review the condition of the space with the resident to try and reach consensus.
Where can I fill out an eRCR online? 
You can visit the Residential Operations site and click on 'Approve Room Condition' (top right hand corner of menu) in order to fill out an electronic room condition report (eRCR). 
Who do I contact if I'd like to speak to someone about my eRCR? 
You can always talk to your Resident Assistant (RA) or Residence Hall Director (RHD) in your building. 
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