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Collaborative Learning Spaces in Mendy

Updated August 2016

Residential Operations has been hard at work this year adding collaborative learning spaces in Mendelsohn Quad. You might've noticed the glass boards in the common area between Irving & O'Neil College that were installed this past spring.

The collaborative learning spaces offered by Campus Residences offer the following:

  1. Large screen display for your content or simply watch TV.
  2. Glass-Board for problem solving and group work.
  3. Comfortable seating
  4. Mobile charging station station for all your mobile devices.
  5. Security cameras to keep everyone safe.
  6. Proximity to a print release station





In addition, the O'Neil College computer lab was renovated this past summer. The entire space was completely transformed! The computer lab was painted, tiles were replaced, and new lighting was added to create a collaborative learning space. These renovations took place in order to allow the space to be multi-functional and allow instructors to use the space for the courses they offer. Brand new computer lab furniture replaced the generic furniture occupying the space before. There were several workstations added taking the sapce from twenty available seats to twenty-seven. As a result, the computer lab will now be conducive to increased resident traffic. 


Here are a few images prior to renovation:

old lab



Here are a few images after the renovation:




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