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Stony Brook Campus: Sustaining Green  

Updated June 2016

Stony Brook University prides itself on being a sustainable campus, supporting environmental awareness and conservation. Are you aware of some of the initiatives on campus to conserve our commitment to sustainability?  

Here are just some of the initiatives we’ve been working on:

Mendelsohn Parking Lot Trees

SBU has received Tree Campus USA Recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation for demonstrating our commitment to sustain a healthy campus environment. We’ve replaced dying London Plane trees in the Mendelsohn parking lot with new, healthy trees in order to maintain sustainability.


Roth Pond Fountains

Two fountains were installed in Roth Pond to improve its water quality. Beyond the aesthetic value, the fountains were installed in order to continuously agitate the water. Agitating the water is one environmentally friendly way of preventing algae growth, as opposed to utilizing other methods such as chemical applications.


Tabler Path Planting

Have you checked out the Tabler Path recently?

The land by the Tabler Center was disturbed due to several recent repair projects. In an effort to create a walkway for students & restore the space, all natural wood chips, sprinklers, and stones (to promote natural drainage), were added to what is now known as the ‘Tabler Path’. Water is captured by the stones and sent in the direction of the newly planted shrubs, perennials and other plantings in order to create a natural source of feeding to the plantings. Not only does the Tabler Path create a perfect environment for the greenery, but it provides a wonderful recreation area for students to enjoy!

 Once current renovation work is completed, the landscape will be restored to improve appareance, as well as sustainability. 


Bike Rack Installs

Did you know we’re adding more bike racks along with shelters in order to reduce our carbon footprint?



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