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Mendelsohn Quad Renovations

Hey there Seawolves!

During the summer of 2016, Campus Residences has been hard at work to improve your on-campus living experience as a resident in Mendelsohn Quad. While you’ve been enjoying your summer either at home, abroad, or relaxing at the beach, there have been several renovations that have gone underway.

For example, if you live in Gray College you’d be happy to know that the bathrooms have been transformed! All bathroom walls were demolished to replace the plumbing infrastructure and pipes previously in place, which actually dated back to the building’s opening. With time, pipes can become clogged and damage and that affects the flow of water. Replacing the pipes and plumbing in each bathroom leads to a cleaner environment, better flow of water, avoids leaks, and reduces the risk of mold.

Bathroom sinks were replaced in Gray College, and in certain wings of O’Neill and Irving. Additional replacements will occur throughout the academic year The new sinks are made from stainless steel, which is cleaner. There is also more space or surface area available to students now. In addition, energy efficient LED light fixtures were installed in all new construction projects.


gray sinks



That wasn’t the only improvement that took place! Air ducts were cleaned to improve air quality in residential bathrooms. This leads to better air flow in every single bathroom in the quad.

Summer 2016 marked the start of the ‘Carpet Replacement Project’. All carpeting in public corridors within Mendelsohn Quad were replaced and in many areas the flooring. Carpets in student bedrooms were replaced only if it was significantly worn. If a carpet was not replaced then it underwent a deep cleaning process. Additionally, outside of the floor bathrooms were replaced with Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT). Therefore, once residents leave the bathroom to go back to their rooms there is no carpet damage or risk of mold due to excess water dripping on the floor. 

carpet replacement

Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT) replaced carpets outside of corridor bathrooms.

A Preventative Maintenance Project for room windows was also implemented this summer. A company was contracted to take apart and thoroughly clean all windows in Mendelsohn Quad. What does this mean for you? It’ll actually be easier for residents to open and close windows during the year.

There were also a few other upgrades that took place around the quad. For example, all common areas were freshly painted. Accent colors on walls were painted to demonstrate Undergraduate College pride.

accent wall

Go Information and Technology Studies!

Every room in each space in Mendelsohn had their radiators thoroughly cleaned in an effort to remove dust and improve the air quality in all rooms.

All basement floors were replaced with epoxy floors, which are traditionally used to prevent water damage were a leak to occur. This is an eco-friendly organic surface that eliminates our custodial staff from having to constantly wax the basement floors. Lastly, all signage was replaced outside of bedroom spaces in Mendy in order to standardize all signs throughout every building.


 Epoxy Floors

If you’d like to find out more about what renovations are taking place on-campus, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for more information!

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