Stony Brook University, SUNY's largest residential campus, offers 26 residence halls in which students may choose to live. The residence halls are divided into six areas called quads, conveniently located on different parts of the campus. All residence halls offer a variety of living, recreational, and study spaces, with many different housing options available to suit almost every students every need.

There are two types of residence halls to choose from:

Corridor Style
In corridor style buildings, a community of approximately 30 residents live in double or single bedrooms along a corridor, sharing a common bath and shower area, lounge area, and (if a cooking building) a kitchen. Many residents prefer to live in these buildings due to the social nature of the halls.

Suite Style
In suite style buildings, four or six residents of the same gender share two or three bedrooms, a private bathroom, and living or dining area. Many residents choose to live in a suite to have more privacy. There are two types of Suites: cooking, and non-cooking. The common rooms in cooking suits are furnished with dining tables, chairs, and cooking facilities; common rooms in non-cooking suits are furnished with couches and end tables.

As a general rule, incoming students are placed in residence halls based on their college of interest. Many returning students prefer to change their room assignments during room selection to gain more privacy, to move to more social halls, to move in with friends, to take advantage of housing policies, or to gain access to cooking facilities.

A Look at the Quads

Quads are comprised of several buildings, or colleges, and each quad has variety of advantages. Click on your quad to view more specific information.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quad - Greeley, Keller, Stimson, Wagner, Yang

H Quad - Benedict, James, Langmuir

Kelly Quad - Baruch, Dewey, Eisenhower, Hamilton, Schick, Lauterbur

Mendelsohn Quad - Amman, Gray, Irving, O’Neill

Roth Quad - Cardozo, Gershwin, Hendrix, Mount, Whitman

Tabler Quad - Douglass, Dreiser, Hand, Sanger, Toscanini