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Residence Hall Rate Review                                 (updated September 2015)

The residence halls and apartments at Stony Brook are self sufficient, which means that all expenses associated with the programs and services of residential facilities are funded through the rental fees charged to those students who live on campus. 


Every spring, committees comprised of residents of each of the housing communities are convened, with the responsibility to review the residence halls or apartments budgets, and make recommendations for rates for the next year.  Stony Brook prides itself on the transparency this process, which includes direct student involvement throughout the development of rental fees for the next housing agreement cycle. 


The goals of the Rate Review Committees are to: Review housing concerns as they relate to ratesProvide consultation on student needs and additional requests for funding. 


In an attempt to create a forum for discussion and to generate input from the residential community, the rate review committees are comprised of student representatives from each of the residential cost centers (Residence Halls, and West, Schomburg and Chapin Apartments) and are advised by senior management from Campus Residences. 

Budget Review

The committees have available to them information on expenditures for the current year, and a summary of requests for changes for the coming year. The committees develop recommendations, delineating additions and deletions, and report these recommendations to the Residence Hall Association, Chapin Apartments Residents Association or Schomburg Apartments Residents Association, as appropriate. The representative groups gather feedback from their respective constituents, as the basis for the committees? recommendations to the Assistant Vice President for Campus Residences. These recommendations are then forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs for review and recommendation to the University President for approval. 

Residence Hall and Apartment Fees

 The residence hall and apartment fees fund the daily operation of all residential facilities including debt service, salaries (including fringe benefits), utilities, programming, student life initiatives, and on-going renovations of facilities.

Residential Programs:

  • Supports salaries and benefits of staff, including Quad Directors, Residence Hall Directors, Office Managers, clerical support and student staff.
  • Funds Resident Assistant room waivers and other compensation.Manages housing assignment and billing functions for over 10,000 residents annually, in 51 residential facilities.
  • Manages Conference Housing functions, generating over $850K in revenues.
  • Supports learning opportunities in the residence halls and apartments through a variety of structured and informal means.
  • Provides programming funds that support activities and events, as well as large scale events, including Homecoming, Big Chill, Spirit Week and the AcademicAchievement Banquets. 

Residential Operations:

  • Supports salaries and benefits of senior staff, Facilities Managers, skilled trades staff, custodial personnel and student staff.
  • Funds contracted custodial and maintenance services to complement the in- house Operations staff.
  • Manages renovations, and coordinates new construction projects.
  • Manages warehouse and inventory operations.
  • Purchases supplies and equipment required to manage the operations of the residence halls and apartments. 

Financial Services:


  • Supports salaries and benefits of staff in the budgeting, accounting and procurement areas of Campus Residences.
  • Develops and manages a budget in excess of $80M annually and a capital budget of over $200M.
  • Creates, manages and monitors contracts and purchase orders required to successfully operate the residential facilities and programs on campus.
  • Manages and monitors personnel and payroll records for over 230 full time employees of Campus Residences. 

Risk Management:

  • Supports salaries and benefits of professional, clerical and student staff.
  • Manages the comprehensive safety program, including Residential Safety Program including desk monitor, walk service and patrol unit functions.
  • Advise and manages the C-CERT Program.
  • Manages the 8 Residential Fitness Centers including supervision of staff and monitoring and coordination of equipment repair.
  • Serves as the Campus Residences Student Advocate.
  • Coordinates the on-going assessment process.
  • Provides feedback to other areas of Campus Residences about areas for improvement.
  • Serves as liaison to University Police, Fire Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, Disability Support Services and the Office of University Counsel.

Information Technology:

  • Supports salaries and benefits of full time and student staff employed in the Information Technology area.
  • Manages and maintains 8 Residential Computing Centers.
  • Purchases, maintains and supports more than 400 desktop and laptop computers, audio visual equipment and 12 servers utilized by staff and students in the residence halls and apartments.
  • Manages and supports databases and other software applications essential to the management of all functions.
  • Supports the CCTV and LENEL access systems.
  • Manages the residence hall cable television and telephone contracts.
  • Manages the equipment required for emergency response on-call staff.

Other University Functions:

Recognizing that residents are an integral part of the University, Campus Residences also provides direct and indirect support to a number of other University areas and functions including but not limited to:

  • University Police
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Fire Marshal?s Office
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Center for Prevention and Outreach
  • Campus Planning Design and Construction
  • Budget and Accounting Offices
  • Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps
  • Athletics
  • AIM / EOP

The full range of Residence Hall and Apartment Rates are available at

Students who have questions regarding the Residence Hall Rate Review process should contact Campus Residences:

Via telephone: (631) 632-6750

For more information regarding this topic, please contact Campus Residences at

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