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Roth Quad

History: Construction and Naming

After the first phase of the three-phase construction of Stony Brook University was completed, the architectural company Emery Roth and Sons was hired to construct the first dormitory buildings of Phase II. These dorms were all to be part of a new quad, which would take it's name from the head of the architectural company, Emery Roth himself, to become Roth Quad.

On September 20, 1967, shortly after the completion of Roth Quad, and after several failed attempts to name the buildings of the two previously constructed quads, the administration decided to name the buildings of H Quad, G Quad (now Mendelsohn), and Roth Quad according to the theme of "Great Deceased New Yorkers". Thus, the buildings of Roth Quad were named after Benjamin Cardoza, Walt Whitman, George Gershwin, Joseph Henry, and William Mount.

During the late 60s and early 70s, it was common for students to give the residence hall buildings different names than those which had been assigned by administration. It was in this way that Joseph Henry College got the nickname Hendrix College, after Jimi Hendrix who shares the same initials as Joseph Henry. After Jimi Hendrix passed away in 1970, the student legislature for Henry College voted to officially change the name to Jimi Hendrix College. Although the vote passed, this decision was never approved by administration. In spite of this, all of the signs were changed to reflect the decision of the student legislature. To this day, even though it is only ever referred to as Hendrix College, the building is still officially Joseph Henry College. Of the many buildings given nicknames, Hendrix is the only one for which the nickname stuck.

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