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Custodial Services

Keeping apartments and residence halls clean is the joint responsibility of both our custodial staff and residents themselves. For additional informal, consult the Terms of Occupancy found here.

Custodial Staff

  • Cleaning of lounges, hallways, bathrooms, and other community spaces used by all residents will occur on a regular basis. Bathrooms are cleaned by custodial staff daily in corridor-style residences and weekly in suite-style residences. Custodial staff are also available to clean up spills, change light bulbs, and clean up messes as needed.

  • Every reasonable effort will be made by the Division of Campus Residences to keep residential facilities sanitary and vermin free, and all appliances in good working order or removed from service. Residents will also share in this responsibility.

  • Whenever a question arises about the condition of a particular student bedroom, Residential programs staff, in consultation with Residential Operations staff, will recommend to the Assistant Director of Housing Administration whether such rooms should be removed from service until conditions are corrected. The Assistant Director for Housing Administration will decide whether such rooms should be removed from service until conditions are corrected. The Assistant Vice President of Campus Residences will make the final determination, notify the office of Institutional Services, and report these spaces as uninhabitable through the annual Utilization Report.

Resident Responsibilities

  • University housing spaces must be kept clean and free from dirt, grease, garbage and trash. Proper care, cleaning, and use of community area and facilities, including stairs, stairwells, laundry rooms, and grounds are a resident's responsibility.

  • In order to ensure a clean and healthy living environment for current and future residents, health and safety inspections are conducted each and every month. All residents are given a mandatory 24-hour notice to coordinate cleaning efforts within their bedroom space and in the common living areas. The Quad Staff have the authority to enter apartments regardless of whether or not residents are present.

  • The following are the areas which need to be cleaned by residents and will be inspected by residence hall/apartment staff: living room, dining room, kitchen area, bathroom(s), and bedroom(s). When preparing for health and safety inspections, it is important to make sure of the following:

    1. Suite/Living Room Area: To allow easy access into this area, living room items (including furniture) should be organized and neat. No open food items should be present. Excess trash should be removed.

    2. Dining Room Area: The dining room table should be clean and any food items in that area should be stored in closed containers, to discourage pests.

    3. Kitchen Area: The floor should be clean (i.e. swept and mopped). Any food items in the area should be stored in closed containers, to discourage pests. The stove and countertop areas should be cleaned and wiped down properly, (i.e., no oil or grease). The kitchen sink should be clean and empty (i.e., dishes are cleaned, and are in the dish drain and/or stored). The garbage receptacle should be empty or at moderate level; not overflowing.

    4. Bathroom Area(s): Floors should be clean (i.e., swept and mopped). The tub, toilet and countertop areas should be clean, free of dirt and debris.

    5. Bedroom(s): The room should be set up to allow easy ingress and egress. Clothes and other obstacles are removed and put away.

    6. All Areas: candles, incense and weights over 20 pounds are strictly prohibited.

  • Remember all garbage receptacles should be emptied regularly. There should not be any garbage outside of the receptacle and the receptacle should not be overflowing. Garbage may not be left outside the apartment at anytime. All garbage must be disposed of in designated garbage bins throughout the Residence Halls & West Apartments.

  • Residents shall not sweep trash from inside to outside of the room/suite/apartment (shake rugs, dust mops,) or throw dirt, trash, garbage or waste from windows or balconies. Stairwells, landings, walkways and patios must be kept clean and free of clutter from toys, bikes, boxes, etc. Residents and/or guest must not shake items such as rugs and dust mops from patios and balconies.

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