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Furniture and Appliances

Each resident will be provided with adequate room/suite and lounge furniture. As a minimum, except in the case of over-assignment, each resident will be provided with a bed, a desk, a light source, a dresser, and a closet or a wardrobe cabinet. All such equipment will be clean, sturdy, and free from major scarring, and of acceptable appearance.

The Division of Campus Residences assesses the condition of all bedroom furniture during each academic year, and utilizes the target amount recommended by SUNY Central Administration for replacement of furnishings.


Most work orders for furniture should be submitted through either Fixit or the SBU 311 app.  This includes requests to have a bed lofted or delofted, or for minor furniture repairs. Please be specific with what you would like done. For example, if you would like to have a bed lofted and there are multiple beds in your room, specify which side of the room the bed is on and how high you would like it to be.

If you are in a room that is detripled, the Quad Office will put in a work order to have the additional furniture removed from your room once the third resident has finished moving out. Detripling a room involves removing the extra bed from your room at a minimum. The other additional furniture will also be removed as long as there is enough room in our storage facilities. If you would also like to have your bed adjusted, you will need to submit an additional work order.

If you have any additional concerns, or if you have an issue which is more urgent, you can report your issue to either your quad office or emergency dispatch.


If there is a problem with any of the appliances you have been provided with, you can report these issues to Campus Residences using Fixit or the SBU 311 app, or you can email us at More urgent issue with a piece of furniture or appliance, such as a refrigerator or oven that does not work, should be called in to dispatch at (631) 632-9585.

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